We offer 2 intuitive renewal solutions

As a leading patent and trademark renewals provider, IPRIS delivers flexible, intuitive IP renewals solutions and unlimited, hands-on customer service to over 200 clients globally. Our clients have entrusted IPRIS to manage their IP renewals and IPRIS is proud to support leading clients in the innovation ecosystem that include the world's best universities, research institutes and SMEs across the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia.

Dependent on your office set up and which IP Management software system you choose to use, IPRIS is pleased to offer two solutions to enhance how you monitor, instruct and report on your patent and trademark renewals portfolio.


Solution 1: IPRIS Standalone Portal

Control renewals through personalised online portal

For over 15 years the IPRIS standalone solution has enabled over 100 clients to confidently manage their IP renewals, irrespective of the IP management system they use. IPRIS offers a standalone solution to empower these organisations to actively view, manage and update their IP renewals data via the IPRIS client online portal.The IPRIS portals continuously improved and below are just some of the features and functionality available to all users




Solution 2: IPRIS-SOPHIA Integration

Highlights of the IPRIS-Sophia Integration

For clients that use Wellspring’s IP management software, since 2018 IPRIS, IP Pragmatics and Wellspring have partnered to create a robust, integrated solution marketed as the IPRIS-SOPHIA integration (or IPRIS Plugin).The IPRIS-Sophia integration solution automatically synchronises data and updates through the Wellspring software over a secure daily API, helping clients to seamlessly manage their IP renewals without the need for double docketing and other workflow enhancements.

Combined, the IPRIS-Sophia integration has a number of leading features, benefits and functionality to enhance the management of IP renewals worldwide: