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About IPRIS Global


Founded in 2004, today IPRIS AG is recognized as a top-tier IP renewals provider serving over 200 clients globally.

In partnership with Wellspring Worldwide Inc, and its subsidiary Wellspring EMEA Ltd, IPRIS offers customer-focused software and services to organisations wishing to take control of their patent and trademark renewals.

Offering expert and hands-on customer service and renewals support, the combined teams in Basel and London provide proactive, unlimited customer-centred support and training as standard to clients all over the world, irrespective of their size, team, and needs.


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Our Team


With a strong industry track record in management, renewal operations and legal counsel, the Board actively support client contract discussions, monitor client onboarding and satisfaction, and oversee company strategy for IPRIS AG.

  • Thomas Gruber

    Vice President, Board of Directors

  • Marcel Schmocker

    Member of the Board, Legal

  • Ramona Maser

    Member of the Board, Operations

Basel Operations Team

The team in Switzerland bring many years of IP paralegal and formalities experience with top European law firms and multinational providers. Processing renewal instructions and managing billing, the team are on-hand to provide responsive support on these matters to clients globally.

Authorised Partner Team, Wellspring

The team in London at Wellspring EMEA Ltd have extensive IP management, renewals and formalities expertise with backgrounds from leading UK patent & trademark attorney firms, multinational IP law firms and technology transfer. They provide proactive and expert customer care and support for renewals clients globally.

The team continually monitor and can be reached on the following email, for any IPRIS customer care queries: [email protected]

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Facts and figures

IPRIS clients are based in different sectors, countries and industries:


We offer a tailored, hands-on service to


of the top universities and research institutes in a number of countries including the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


We have

small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients and manage over 3,000 renewals for listed companies on AIM, ASX and NASDAQ.


We manage


issued and pending IPRs in over 122 countries worldwide



of the cases we manage are for US-based institutions covering seven states


We offer a personalized and responsive service to clients with portfolios of 30 renewals up to


Our Partners

Wellspring Worldwide Inc

Wellspring is the global leader in technology transfer and technology scouting software and services. Organizations rely on Wellspring to manage the identification, evaluation, and acquisition of technologies, partners, and investments.

Founded in 2003 as a spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University, Wellspring works with more than 500 organizations worldwide to support tech scouting, IP protection, commercialization, and licensing of emerging technologies. For more information, please visit