About IPRIS Global

Founded in 2004 by intellectual property and technology transfer experts in Switzerland, IPRIS AG understands the unique challenges faced by companies, universities and government labs when managing their intellectual property portfolios.

IPRIS’ expertise and global reach was expanded through a marketing and customer service partnership with IP Pragmatics Limited in 2005. The partnership created a robust service based on a transparent and reliable fee structure, proactive and responsive customer service team and a dynamic web-based patent renewals software solution.

In January 2018, the companies formed a partnership with Wellspring Worldwide Inc to include an integration of the Wellspring IP Management software with the IPRIS IP renewals software and service. The new software solution is available for all Wellspring clients including corporate clients and universities using the technology transfer software, SOPHIA.  

Today, IPRIS serves over 200 clients in Europe, North America and Australasia and is recognized as a top-tier intellectual property renewals service provider globally.