IP renewals 101

As patents, trademarks and designs are filed and mature during their IPR lifecycle their maintenance or renewals must be paid into country or regional Patent & Trademark Offices (PTOs) depending on the country rule and global coverage that a client selects. IPR renewal payments are required in some countries when they are at application stage (e.g. European EP applications), whilst other IPR only requires renewal payments after grant (e.g. issued US patents) and the fees are sometimes based on the number of granted claims (e.g. Japanese granted patents).

These IPR renewals and their fees change over time due to factors that include official fees, foreign exchange fluctuations, claims granted and the maturity of these IPRs. IPRIS’ expert service team keeps completely up-to-date on all of these factors, country formalities and changes to reflect live prices that are displayed to our clients via our renewals solutions.

Furthermore, all clients can expect unlimited customer service, training and responsive answers to any renewals questions at any time. IPRIS empowers clients, their teams and users to proactively monitor and manage their IP renewals wherever they are in the World.

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