Entering the PCT national phase or European validation are the most expensive stages of a patent’s life. With this in mind IPRIS offers clients a cost saving solution whilst still maintaining your relationship and future management of your patent family through your existing local patent attorney.


European Patent Validation or PCT national phase entry costs are usually made up of three components:

  • Agent fees - the professional fees for the handling of the process
  • Official filing fees are those payable to the relevant national patent office
  • Translation fees for the claims and/or specification


IPRIS has a small number of strategic relationships with local patent attorneys and translation providers. Using these single suppliers has allowed us to create value savings through the high volume of cases we process. In addition we have streamlined our internal administrative operating processes. These savings are transferred directly to our clients through a low, fixed fee arrangement and by eliminating the multiple billing stages often experienced through extensive attorney networks.

How it works

We ask that our clients, or their local attorney, provide us with details of the case, the relevant countries and EP validation states. From there we coordinate all of the instructions to local patent attorneys in the countries where necessary, to process the case to the next stage. Using this service means our clients continue their relationship with their existing local patent attorney for the ongoing prosecution of the portfolio whilst making significant savings at these important time points in a patent family’s life. Where required we can also work with you or your attorney’s local agents in a given country. The IPRIS EP validation offering includes 71(3) fulfilment filing.

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